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Hey There !! On every Friday I will discuss about the practices in cyber security. So, on the very first Friday of 2k23 here are the brief introduction of CYBER SECURITY.

cyber security

What is cyber security ?

Cybersecurity is the defense against cyberthreats for systems linked to the internet, including their hardware, software, and data. Individuals and businesses both utilize this technique to prevent illegal access to data centers and other digital systems.

  • The act of protecting a computer network against intruders, including malicious software that seizes opportunities or targeted attacks, is known as network security.
  • Application security focuses on preventing attacks from entering devices and software. The data that an application is meant to safeguard may be accessible if it is hacked. Effective security starts at the design phase, long before a programme or gadget is put into use.
  • Data integrity and privacy are safeguarded by information security, both during storage and transmission.
  • Operational security covers the procedures and choices made for managing and safeguarding digital assets. This includes the policies that regulate how and where data may be kept or exchanged, as well as the rights people have while accessing a network.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity describe how a company reacts to an event that results in the loss of operations or data, such as a cyber-security incident. Disaster recovery procedures specify how the company restores its operations and information to resume normal business operations. The organization’s backup plan, when certain resources are unavailable, is business continuity
  • End-user education deals with the most erratic aspect of cyber security: humans. Anyone who disregards sound security procedures has the potential to unintentionally introduce a virus into a system that is otherwise secure. For the security of any firm, it is crucial to teach users to delete suspicious email attachments, to avoid plugging in unknown USB devices, and other key teachings.

What makes cybersecurity crucial?

The importance of cybersecurity is only going to expand as there are more people, devices, and programes in the contemporary company, along with an influx of more data, most of it sensitive or secret. The issue is made much worse by the increase in the quantity and level of sophistication of cyber attackers and attack methodologies.

What are the Top Security Threats ?

In order to protect your company from threats, you must first understand the distinction between information security (infosec) and cybersecurity. You also need to be aware of the different threats that could affect your business tomorrow as well as the information security threats that are already in existence today.

  • Spyware is computer software that enables hackers to gather details about your computer usage by secretly sending data from your hard drive.
  • The goal of ransomware is to encrypt files on a device, making them (and the systems that depend on them) useless. Malicious actors frequently demand a monetary ransom in return for decryption.
  • A backdoor bypasses common authentication steps to gain access to a system. This enables malicious actors to remotely execute system instructions and update malware while also providing the attacker with remote access to resources within an application, such as databases and file servers.
  • Trojans are malicious software or computer code that seems to be a trustworthy programme or file in order to deceive you into installing and running the malware on your system. A trojan’s objective is to harm your network, steal data from your company, or otherwise do harm.
  • A harmful piece of computer code created to transfer from one device to another is known as a computer virus. Typically, these self-copying malware aim to harm a machine or steal data.
  • Worms are a type of malware that transmits copies of itself from computer to computer without the involvement of a person and does not require an attachment to a software application in order to do harm.

In our next blog of this series we are discussing about the practices in cyber security till then keep learning.

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